The Fifth Fig Tree Collection of Greek Poetry – 1974-2011

Fith Fig Tree

The Fith Fig Tree written by Cleopas Demosthenous is a Collection of Greek Poetry

Cleopas Demethenous

Born in 1940 in the village Prastio Morphou. He attended Trade School in Morphou and in 1960 went to England to study and then a scholarship for further studies in Scotland.

He returned to Cyprus in 1963, married and had family with four children. He was a professor at the School of Tourism Professions “New Horizons” in Famagusta, yet this was an organizer and restaurant centers. In 1974 he managed to open his own cafeterias in this beautiful tourist town of Cyprus.

Unfortunately in 1974, refugees fled to England. In London, where he lived 14 years, was an active member of the Cypriot community in London.

The literary talent developed after the invasion and he started writing poems since.  This talent made him worthy to become a member of L.E.LA , People Writers’ Union of England.

In 1988 he emigrated with his family in Perth Western Australia where is today.

“The Firth Fig Tree” is the first book and here’s the love for life, people and homeland.


Η μάνα μου στην γένναν της μαζί με τ’ άλλα δώρα

έπιαννεν πάντα τζιαι μιαν συτζιάν για τζείνον που εγένναν.

Πέντε αδέρκια, πέντε συτζιές, στόλιζαν την αυλήν της,

τζιαι η κάθε συτζιά που θκιάλεεν έμοιαζεν στο παιδίν της.

Του αδελφού μου του Σαββή έκαμνεν μαύρα σύκα,

μα ήταν κοντή, τζιαι παχουλλή, μελαχροινή σαν τζείνον.

Του Δημητράκη ήταν ψηλή, τζιαι ίσια, ούλλον χάρη,

τα σύκα της ολόασπρα, δίπλα που το τοιχάρι.

Του Κυριάκου, ήταν παστή τζιαι σύκα φορτωμένη,

πάντα τα σύκα της παστά, τζιαι τζείν’ ηλιοκαμένη..

Του Θεοφάνη εβάλαν την στην μέσην δύο άλλων,

τζιαι που τον ετσιλλούσασιν εν έφκαινεν πουπάνω.

Εμέν’ η 5η η συτζιά, γιατ’ ήμουν το ποσπόριν

εβάλαν με μες την βρακτήν δίπλα που το αυλάτζιν

τζιαι ούλοι εζηλεύκαν μου τζιαι βάλλαν μου γινάτιν.

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