Commemorative Concert 50 years of occupation

George Georgiou, with our support has kindly organised a commemorative concert to mark 50 years of unlawful occupation of Cyprus.

It has been 50 years since Turkey unlawfully occupied over 36% of Cyprus.

The Greek Cypriots were forced to abandon their cities and villages and became refugees in their own country. To this day, Turkey enforces the illegal partition of the island with some 40,000 of its troops stationed there.

Greeks in the 20th Century suffered many injustices at the hands of Turkey, the ongoing illegal partition of Cyprus being one of the unresolved tragedies. It remains one of Hellenism’s greatest intractable challenges because of Turkey’s stubborn recalcitrance.

It’s important that we not lose our indignation and outrage against Turkey’s illegal actions. We must continue to insist on a resolution based on the principles of international law and respect for human rights. If we don’t, what hope is there?

Songs have been written and performed to lament the injustice of Cyprus. A concert has been specially arranged to include hand picked songs by Apostolis and Dimitris Fotiadis. Dalaras, Alkinos Ioannidis and Tokkas performed these songs.

They will be performing this moving concert under the auspices of the Cypriot Community of WA as part of their program to mourn the tragedy and renew our resistance to the injustice.

Buy tickets ( only $20) to show you support.

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